Eco Blue Collection: Style with Ecological Consciousness

The environmental organization Greek Eco Project, in collaboration with Lio Deco Artifacts, proudly presents the new ECOBlue product collection. This unique collection of decorative items combines artistic creation with ecological consciousness, promoting the circular plastic economy and the reuse of plastic waste.

What is the ECOBlue Series?

The ECOBlue collection consists of unique decorative items made from Eco Resin, an environmentally friendly material, and integrated plastic figures of marine animals. These figures are not just an aesthetic element. Each figure is made from plastic bottle caps, which were collected and processed through an upcycling process. This process gives new life to plastic waste, transforming it into beautiful and useful objects.

The Power of Plastic Upcycling

Plastic upcycling, or the circular plastic economy, is the process of transforming waste or useless materials into new, higher-value products. In the case of the ECOBlue collection, plastic bottle caps that would otherwise end up in our seas are collected, cleaned, and turned by the Greek ECO Project into charming figures of marine animals. These figures are incorporated into the decorative items, adding a special and symbolic touch.

Handmade Creations with Love for the Planet

Each creation in the ECOBlue collection is handmade, with attention to detail and quality. The materials used are chosen for their friendliness to the environment, humans, and animals. Their production process does not burden the environment, while the final products offer aesthetic pleasure and convey an important message about nature protection.

Supporting Environmental Actions

Proceeds from the sales of the ECOBlue collection support the implementation of circular economy educational workshops and underwater cleaning actions by the Greek Eco Project. These actions aim to raise public awareness about the environmental issues caused by the reckless use of plastics and promote practical solutions for waste reduction and the protection of marine ecosystems.

 Embracing the New ECOBlue Collection

Purchasing a creation from the ECOBlue collection is not just a purchase. It is a statement of support for environmental protection and the strengthening of the circular plastic economy. Through these unique creations, you not only decorate your space with beautiful and unique pieces but also actively participate in the effort for a more sustainable planet.

Visit the websites of Greek Eco Project and Lio Deco Artifacts to learn more about the ECOBlue collection and discover the creations that will inspire you to be part of this ecological change. ,

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