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Autumn... the ideal season of renewal!

Our favorite season, Autumn, has finally arrived, although a little bit late. We embrace the season of renewal after a long and tiring summer. When we are talking about renewal, we first think of the decorating and then the inevitable renewal in our closets!
Drawers and wardrobes are cleared out and thoroughly cleaned... and naturally scented with lieon's natural room fragrances!
The beautiful scents and freshness that come from our drawers every time we open them may be accomplished in various methods. Still, here at the Lieon workshop, we have selected the most natural and eco-friendly ways to share with you!

1. Wax Bars 

The candle bars are handmade from entirely vegan solid soy wax and embellished with botanical themes. If you to hang the bar, use the black ribbon or just lay it in your drawers. Choose the perfumes that best fit you and enhance your mood. 

* Please keep in mind that the wax bars are made of 100% soy wax, which has the ability to absorb odors (for example, moisture). Wax bars are suitable for small interior areas and have a longer life when laid flat but you may also hang them on your room's doorknob...

2. Scented Stones 

The heart-shaped scented stones will fragrance and decorate your home at the same time! You can place them in drawers and wardrobes, or leave them in any room you want to scent.

With 15 different scents that endure, you may simply pick your favorite. The Scented Stones are composed of white porcelain powder and have a long-lasting aroma!

3. Linen and Room Spray

The most basic and simple method of perfuming by using 100% natural ingredients with high-quality essential oils. Scented sprays last a long time and are safe to use on linen! Simply select your favorite fragrance and enjoy it every day...

Whichever way you choose, Lieon’s Home Perfumes will amaze you with their wide range of aromas, extended duration, and all-natural components!



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